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Barbenheimer t-shirts vs Barbie T Shirt -What's the Deal?

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

I'm a very selective movie watcher, especially since COVID hit three years ago. With extreme ADHD, it's been challenging to find entertainment that can hold my attention. A few series like "The Queen's Gambit," "Mad Men," "The Handmaid's Tale," and "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" were favorites, but I felt a sense of sadness when they ended. While searching for a niche, I delved deep into Merch Informer for research – a significant step for me since I'm not a conformist and have a short attention span. During my search, I kept seeing references to Barbie and Barbenheimer t-shirts, which piqued my curiosity. Who came up with the idea of combining Barbie shirts with Oppenheimer t-shirts? It goes beyond just "niching down," a term I've been hearing in the t-shirt world.

Oddly, after listening to successful people's pep talks and instructions on setting up a thriving t-shirt business, I can't help but wonder why they're spending time making instructional videos if they're already successful. It makes me question if the t-shirt world is a hoax designed to keep people busy and give them a sense of purpose. For me, the act of creating alone brings immense satisfaction. If I were to become a mega-seller like Tee Public, I'd pass the business on to my kids for the so-called "passive income," although it's not as passive as it sounds. The t-shirt business keeps you incredibly busy, with the only passive aspect being sales happening while you focus on marketing and designing new shirts.

Now, back to Barbie – my ADHD strikes again. I recently watched a hugely popular new Barbie movie, and while the storyline was lacking, it transported me back to my childhood. The vibrant pink hues immersed me in an artist's paradise, a place where appointments, bill reminders, and stress didn't exist. It brought back memories of playing with Barbie, her sister Skipper, and Ken, spending hours with the dream house, Barbie Corvette, and camper. Barbie's world was a magical escape for me as a child, and I'm sure it still is for many today.

Interestingly, I never minded that Barbie lacked certain anatomical details (a vagina), but when she transformed into a more human-like character, it became a poignant realization. The ending scene was er going on a gynecologist appointment. In the real world, had there been a second episode or movie; she would undergo a mammography too due to a 1 in 5 breast cancer risk. A reminder of the importance of self-exams, which even serves as a humorous way for my husband to get to the point when he's talking too long. Pink indeed works wonders. And you will certainly find plenty of pink in our Barbie T Shirt. This week it gained the most organic traffic over all other store products.

This Barbie experience inspired me to create a Barbie collection, incorporating Barbenheimer, and naturally, I had to include a cat as I'm an avid animal lover. Hence, Catenheimer came into play.

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