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I just may in May......

As I've mentioned before, I started making t-shirts for my daughter's potential independent job. However, she changes her mind as often as we change underwear in a week, so retirement money seemed like a better idea. I'm a Libra with ADD, so accomplishments aren't exactly my forte! My daughter went from Christian to Catholic to Wiccan to Muslim within a few years. Need I say more?

To be honest, quitting would be easier. I'd have more money at the end of the day. This feels like playing chess or poker for pocket change, which adds up over time. I have to admit, I've invested around $4000—though I don't want to confirm that. There are so many costs, like tools, Fiverr orders, website charges, etc. But it doesn't compare to the effort I've put in. The question is, should I focus my creativity elsewhere? Fortunately, I'm in a position to explore or not, and being a Libra, I can't decide.

If you want to understand ADD, just follow my blog. I haven't spent any time writing my course or book because I got distracted by designing Mother's Day gift shirts. So here I am, with things accomplished but not necessarily successful. Being away from the world behind a computer screen isn't just dull; it's actually becoming depressing and fattening. How does one not eat when they're home alone all day long? Passive? That was all a lie. Don't believe it.

Let's talk about something more substantial. I just returned from NYC, where I visited my godmother in hospice. Aside from the sadness of her impending passing, it was a reminder of how life speeds up as we age. I also stayed with my daughter, who was going through a hostile breakup from her Muslim marriage. It wasn't official, thank God, and according to her imam, the marriage was void anyway.

Regardless, he was aggressive, controlling, and deviant. After he threatened my daughter, she set me loose on him. Well, that didn't go over too well, as they each filed police reports—hers more legitimate, his more an act of spite. The police were involved, and I just happened to arrive on that day.

I'm well aware that people might discriminate because my daughter converted to Islam from being raised Catholic. I just don't get the race thing at all—technically, it's about disposition, not color or ethnicity. We like and accept people who are good and act in goodness. But it gets crazier. I suggested she return to the Muslim dating site because I was sure there would be thousands of options to pep her up and boost her ego. I also reminded her never to let a man see her sad because they can't handle the guilt, yet never let him see her too happy because it scares them and makes them feel insecure. These have been my life lessons.

Well, that dating site was a great idea, except I wasn't prepared to hear that she had a first meeting at Kennedy Airport, where I would be chauffeured by her date from the airport to a restaurant and given the fifth degree with the most insulting, intrusive questions. He was a businessman, and he wanted to talk business, as he was very much infatuated with my confused daughter. Of course, I put him in his place quickly, and he actually began to call me mom.

I have no problem with my daughter following Muslim customs, but I truly don't understand how quickly a relationship can move from meeting to nika. Actually, that part I get because a couple can't touch until the nika is performed, and regardless of religion, we are all sexual beings. Well, until you reach menopause—that's a topic for another day.

So, where we stand now is, will the nika happen between them sooner or later? My head's still spinning, and I'm at a loss for an opinion or suggestions. Now that I'm back in Palm Beach, I have a month to prepare for a trip to England and Italy. First stop, the Glastonbury Music Festival to see my bestie, Asha Puthli, perform. Did I ever mention I just finished designing Asha Puthli t-shirts and merch? Trying hard to get those products listed. It was amazing to see her on the concert list with Coldplay, Cyndi Lauper, Dua Lipa, etc.

So, under all this chaos, I am a celebrity t-shirt designer. There, I said it! The second part of my trip will be to Italy to see where my ancestry was found in Sicily and close by. I'm very excited and anxious. Why is it that the things that scare us also excite us?

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