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Journey of a "Tee" blog

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

My life story and the journeys I've undertaken might not pique your interest as much as my t-shirt designs do, but for me, each creation becomes an emotional channeling of creativity, akin to my daily dose of Prozac. Life has been a rollercoaster ride, with its ups and downs. While I don't need to work due to being a silent owner of a successful real estate company in my fifties, my mind craves engagement, and I find solace in funneling my expressions through my designs. Whether or not I make a fortune, the fulfillment derived from designing and creating is worth every penny spent on web hosting, keyword programs, art design tools, and the assistance of talented individuals on platforms like Fiverr. The investment serves its purpose.

My t-shirts bear the imprint of my many past and present journeys. As a woman of confidence, faith, and heightened wisdom, I take you back to the most unconventional period of my life - a time when I delved into the world of being a dominatrix, and not just any dominatrix, but a celebrity dominatrix, immortalized through various television shows, productions, and even a book. I've devoted a special section of my tee store to these spicy memories, which were both awe-inspiring and insane. Looking back, I have no regrets, as these experiences have shaped the person I am today.

Only yesterday, an impolite adolescent confronted me while waiting in line at the movie theater, accusing me of cutting ahead. He called me a "bitch", but I couldn't help but laugh, realizing how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I was once paid to embrace that very title.

Without further ado, I will embark on my t-shirt journey for you, whether you're out there reading this or not. For me, this process is much needed - a way to express and relive the diverse chapters that have colored my life. (

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