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siteblog - the good ole Dom Days!

I've returned from my two-week European vacation, which included captivating destinations like Greece, Santorini, Mykonos, Malta, Rome, Marseille, Aix-de-Provence, and Barcelona. While I could fill volumes with the stories of my discoveries, I want to touch on Malta, an unexpected gem of old-world charm and glamour. During our stay, we explored areas where "Game of Thrones" was filmed, and it's safe to say they couldn't have chosen a more perfect location. One particular highlight was our visit to the historic town of Mdina, where I had the chance to tour a genuine dungeon from centuries past. It struck me how similar these ancient dungeons were to the ones I designed during my diva days. My clients chose their roles with clarity and generosity, and I, in turn, emphasized the value of their currency through my creative ingenuity.

Reminiscing took me back to the opening of my very first dungeon, Nemesis, in Deer Park, Long Island. It was a project built and designed by eager submissives, all eager to showcase their worth. After rigorous interviews and interrogations, I recruited several remarkable women to fulfill the dominatrix roles and trained them to the best of my ability. Opening night seemed promising until Simone, my my blonde, tattooed single mother of two, accidentally locked Billy in handcuffs to the stretcher table, realizing that the keys were missing. Oops! Next thing we knew, our commercial real estate neighbors witnessed the arrival of the fire department to cut the handcuffs off a very anxious client, who, in his excitement, forgot to mention his phobia of prolonged confinement. The silver lining in this episode was that one of the fire department attendees became a loyal, long-term client and sub, whom we fondly named Michelle, the female counterpart of Michael.

Little did we know that one day, Michelle would be supervising the cleanup efforts after 9/11 while wearing my panties. Yes, my life has been full of unforgettable memories, and as promised, I'll keep sharing them. During my flight back to the the USA, I couldn't help but reflect on my past and consider whether, twenty years from now, I'll have memories that rival the thrills of my youth - the crushes,first loves, wild nights, and more. On a gravestone, you find two dates with a dash in between - the first marking your birth, and the second, your time of passing. That dash is what truly matters, so even at my age, I remain a seeker of adventure and and the things that have motivated me since the start of that dash

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